solera wine bar

World-class wine in small-town Iowa



Solera Wine Bar is located in historic downtown Grinnell, Iowa at 829 Broad Street. With a selection of over 150 different wines and beers, you're guaranteed to find something that will delight your palate.

drink & be merry

Gather with old friends or make new ones.


More than just a drink, wine should be an experience.

Solera is a winemaking process in which wine from the oldest batch is preserved to blend into the next batch. Here, we embrace the philosophy of taking the best from the past to blend it into a better future.



Solera is an idea that grew from a love of wine from around the world—intended as a place to pause for a moment or for the evening.

Colleen Klainert is the one-woman dynamo behind Solera. After ten years of selling wine wholesale to other bars and restaurants, Colleen decided it was her time to pour. The wine selection is hand picked, and is made up of only the bottles she loves to drink, covering the breadth and depth of winemaking.

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